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The Church provides a medium service to all. Come and see and be amazed and feel free in the presence of the spirit.

Medium services

Often advertised as a demonstration of clairvoyance but not all mediums are clairvoyants (seeing), some have the gift of clairaudience (the ability to hear), and some have the ability to sense the presence of the spirit too.

Here at the Gateway CS Church we have demonstrations of mediumship every week. Every Tuesday evening we have two local mediums provide a service for all to attend which we alternate weekly with other mediums. Please see our Speakers page for further information. On Saturday’s we have attending mediums from local and afar providing services at the church. We also occasionally have an open circle meeting on Saturday’s too. Please check the News page on our website for further details on this meeting. For your information the open circle meeting’s only occur during the months of January and February, and the meeting’s usually start at 7.00PM

On Sunday evening’s at 6.30PM we hold our divine service. This takes the form of hymn singing, prayers, and reading and address. And finally we follow this with a medium demonstration.

All are welcome to visit The Gateway Christian Spiritualist Church and experience any of our services.




Absent and distant Healing

Don’t think that contact healing is the only way. Experience the distant or absent healing way.

Medium service



Divine service

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