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This is an official message from Ray Williams – President & Minister of the Gateway Christian Spiritualist Church.  

No doubt you will have heard the government's statement that places of worship can now re-open.  This comes with a great deal of guidance and regulation from both the government and the health and the safety executive. What is paramount is the fact that social distancing of 2-meters must be observed.  Bearing this in mind, the body of the Church had to be measured to accommodate the new rules.  The measurement will only allow 8 seats in the body of the Church, and a few at the rear for a few committee members.  The other issues which must be observed are: -   No hymn singing nor the use of musical instruments and no food or drink to be consumed on the premises.  The use of hand sanitizers on entering and leaving the Church must also be used.  The toilet is not be used.  Risk assessments must be carried out when using the building, as stated observing social distancing.  No loitering, no hugs or kissing, no handshakes and regular cleaning and disinfecting of the Church after each use.  Who can attend, attendance will have to be via a booking system in advance.  You may be asked to use face coverings.

You will also be asked to sign a Test and Trace form to assist the NHS.  We will be running a healing clinic again by a strict appointment system only.  We will need to increase ventilation, and this is in progress.  And all this is costly to the church.  The committee will be meeting shortly; now that shielding has been paused.  I and a few others have had to shield since the end of March.

We will keep you informed of future developments as they occur.

Thank you for your support during this very difficult time.

Ray Williams